Monday, February 27, 2012

CC2500 Module Breakout/Booster Pack

The board includes:
1 Booster pack
2 G2xx3/CC2500 boards
2 breakout boards compatible with booster pack
1 breakout board with single row header

Booster pack is designed to work with G2xx3 chips.

Port mapping:
P1.1 - MISO (CC2500/SPI 2)
P1.2 - MOSI (CC2500/SPI 2)
P1.4 - SCLK (CC2500/SPI 2)
P1.5 - SCLK (CC2500/SPI 1, Memory)
P1.6 - MISO (CC2500/SPI 1, Memory)
P1.7 - MOSI (CC2500/SPI 1, Memory)
P2.0 - CS (CC2500/SPI 1)
P2.1 - GDO0 (CC2500/SPI 1)
P2.2 - GDO2 (CC2500/SPI 1)
P2.3 - GDO2 (CC2500/SPI 2) or Memory Hold
P2.4 - GDO0 (CC2500/SPI 2) or Memory CS
P2.5 - CS (CC2500/SPI 2)

When memory is not used, CS should be jumpered to Vcc, same with Hold.

LaunchPad Port Expanders

Here are two of several I have made, one is 595 based, the other uses MCP23S18.
Both can source and sink, MCP one can also be used as input expander with interrupts.